Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A Little Snark At Some Mothers

I'm in a snarky mood today. It doesn't happen often, but it's happening today.

My reason? Mainly because I'm fed up with my children constantly bickering with each other and thoughtless mothers and they're mindless comments.

However, as much as my children argue and bicker, I wish I had more time with them. It's not easy being a working mother having to rely on family to look after them during school holidays because I'm not a teacher with 13 weeks leave per year.

So, I'm also particularly annoyed at the constant stream of mothers banging on about how much of the holidays are left before they can shove their children back to school and I'm fed up with hearing how much they've had enough of having them around their homes clogging up their days.

Wake up ladies!! It's called Motherhood. You are in the very group of people who constantly criticise mothers like me who work and berate us for leaving our children throughout the day and opinionise about how we're not bringing our children up properly, leaving it to others etc. etc., but give you guys six weeks with your children home from school and you can't wait to pack them off again!!

So, next time you sit and criticise the mother rushing off in the morning from school run, or who turns up at 3.30pm in her suit looking stressed because she's had to fight traffic to get there, don't cast her a sneery glance and belittle her mothering abilities, just remember the holidays when you couldn't wait to get rid of your children. Your wish to rid yourself of them is by choice, my reason to be without them is for necessity.