Thursday, 24 July 2008

School's Out For Summer

The children have all now finished school. Yipppeeeeeeee!!

No more packed lunches to fix the night before.

No more running around washing and ironing school uniforms.

No more rushing from school, fixing dinner quick and rushing out to after school programmes.

No more nagging children to go to bed on time so they don't wake up late and groggy.

No more homework assignments to help with.

Just six long weeks of children home for summer and I've managed to fix three weeks of it off work for me and Andy's covered two weeks - so just one week of care from Grandma and Grandad. Sorted.

Next week's my first week off and I'm needing the sun - lots of outdoor stuff planned, days out with friends, picnics and Legoland.

Can't wait!

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