Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Apron Strings Loosen

It's a sure sign your children are becoming independent when they start to look forward to NOT having you around.

Joshua's going away on a residential school trip tomorrow and he CAN NOT WAIT.

The school have come up with all manner of scenarios to play through if your child is anxious, nervous or worried in any way. None of them are of any use to me as he's not anxious, nervous or worried. I'm not sure whether to be worried that he's not anxious, nervous or worried, or congratulate myself on bringing up a confident well balanced boy.

I'll opt for the latter.

They can take a toy with them for bedtime - he won't be seen dead with a teddy. They can write home if they're feeling homesick. I offered to give him a stamped addressed envelope, paper and pen. My response was a 'no way, you must be off your nut, mother', look.

I can cope with that. I don't mollycoddle my children. Maybe I should. Maybe not.

They're not allowed to take aerosols. Joshua likes to put on deodorant for discos etc. and they have a disco on the last night. I offered to buy him a roll on - not cool. 'Roll ons are for girls', was the reply I received, after the initial, 'urggh' he offered.

Plus this week, I let him walk to school on his own for the first time. I thought I'd be cunning and keep up just enough to watch him from a distance.

He was more cunning - he shot off like lightning, realising that he could move swifter with his rucksack on than I could with a buggy and two others in tow.

So, at the tender age of 9 my eldest is growing up and becoming independent. I'd like him to stay my boy just for a bit longer but I can already feel the apron strings loosening and whilst it's bittersweet, I'm looking forward to witnessing the incredible young man he's going to become, because he's an already incredible boy.


Gretchen said...

If you'd like to arrange a marriage between your Joshua and my Addison, I'd be all for it.

Today I let Addison and Robert ride their bikes to school. On the drive to the gym, I pulled through the parking lot to make sure the bikes were there.

Some days I can not wait for them to grow, others I nearly cry because they are growing!

Karen said...

Gretchen - that would be a perfect match!!