Saturday, 22 November 2008

Making it feel like home again.

The house has been neglected. Negating that neglect is now being tackled.

The house is now getting a mini-facelift.

Years of working full time, looking after four children and handling the day to day running of all things domestic, have taken their toll on the place I love to call home. For the last few months I've hated coming home. I've hated seeing the neglect. I've hated it so much I couldn't take before photographs - the sight depressed me too much. Lilac wallpaper, green door mat, plastic toy box for shoes over-spilling onto the carpet. Just... not .... nice.

But light dawns. The entrance porch has now been painted, new shoes cupboards built and fixed in, new skirting boards glossed and fixed on. New coat hooks, new shoe mat and new umbrella stand. Even a framed mirror to hide the fuse box that's bugged me for years.

The door frame and door are now sanded and primed, ready for the first gloss. It's only a 2m x 1m space, it's tiny, but it's a start. It's the first thing I see when I open the front door. It now lifts me and my heart doesn't thud down to my toes when I come home.

The study's next.

It's too dark in here - it's a great retreat for me and I love the darkness. I love the fact no natural light comes in - I lose myself in here. But it's not good when children need to sit in here at 4.30 and do homework. I need to share my space as their need is becoming greater. It's a wrench. I'm keeping the dark plum on the door side of the study, the other walls are being treated to a warm cream. Money permitting the shelves will be replaced with cupboards as I now want to hide away all paperwork and files. I think it will look neater. I also need to store the CDs that are currently shelved up the stairway - the look has worn off and I need to pull them in here.

IKEA is about to become my new retreat.


Gretchen said...

That looks WONDERFUL!

Kudos to you for tackling that project.

TxGambit said...

Awesome. I need to do much of the same, especially since my remodel is done.