Thursday, 24 December 2009


For years parents have always been encouraged to engage children with food.  Allow them to help prepare the food and they'll more likely eat it.  In most cases this is true, especially where cakes and biscuits are concerned.  With my children, the theory also tends to work with most main meals.

Today, the children helped prep the veg for dinner tomorrow.  They happily chopped carrots, topped and tailed French beans, peeled potatoes and parsnips, floretted the cauliflower and thoroughly enjoyed spending time together getting things ready.  

But, how come nobody in the world has mastered the art of convincing a child that the preparation of Brussels Sprouts will have them eating them willingly on Christmas Day?

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rsteimle said...

Thank you for sharing all your stories, I have laughed, cried and now reminded, to spend time with my 4 children,( all the same as yours except older,17,14,11,7), in the kitchen. I tend to think I need to get it all done before they get home from school so there is something to eat. I need to change my thinking. THANK YOU so much for reminding me. Karene elison sent me your blog I hope it is ok.
Joy and Happiness to you and your family,
Gina Steimle