Friday, 1 January 2010


For my first post of 2010 I'd like to think I can write something worthwhile, but at the moment life is just so hectic my time for reflecting and posting on said reflections is limited.

2009 was a difficult year.  Not only for me, but for my family.  Broken marriage, fixed marriage, heartbroken children, happy children, financial strangulation, financial aid, broken friendships, strengthened friendships, trusts broken, trusts established.  A real roller coaster of a year.

So I enter 2010 with caution.  Not a pessimistic half glass empty type, but more of a slower paced, take everything in and evaluate it as I go along type of caution.  I enter it with a hope of strengthening my family.  Having us spend more time together larking around, parenting them wisely, watching my eldest son start senior school, watching my youngest son start infant school and watching my girls spend another year blossoming into beautiful young ladies.

I enter 2010 with a renewed vigour for my faith.  I swept a lot of cobwebs away last year and it's time to open the windows and let a bit of sun shine in. 

As for resolutions - I don't go in for them now.  In the past I've made the usual list of getting fit, losing weight, reading more, start this, give up that, blah blah blah.  But now, for myself, I find them foolish.  Waiting until a certain day of the year to establish something I should have started when I first thought of it seems a little pointless.  If something is worth starting, changing or ceasing, I'm erring towards feeling I'll be much more successful if I do it when it's appropriate.

Therefore today I started the year no different to any other day.  Time home with my family, bit of housework, watching tele and generally pootling about.  I have no hopes or dreams for 2010.  God will lead me through it, give me what I need and what will be will be His will, not mine.

I feel peaceful.

I feel good.

Happy New Year

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Gretchen said...

Peaceful and good - who could ask for more?