Wednesday, 6 January 2010

And the snow came tumbling down

With yesterday's weather warning indicating we were in for another session of major snow Andy took the precaution to come to work slightly earlier to pick me up. What a Godsend that was, as had we been delayed by half hour or more then we would have been stuck in the awful traffic build up that so many poor commuters have had to endure.

So, last night, safely ensconsed in our lovely warm home we watched the snowfall arrive.  All the children, apart from Maddie wanted school shut.  She had a school trip today which has surprisingly been cancelled!  But the woe didn't last long as this morning was heralded with whoops of delight at the overnight accumulation.

We never made it out of the Close.  Plans were afoot to join a large gathering in the park, but the children were happy playing near the house.  With Joshua scooting round the corner to pick up his friend and his little sister, the creation of Hercules the Giant Snowman commenced.  I considered it a triumph when the snowball was so heavy even I couldn't push it and we had to call on the services of Dave opposite to push it onto the front lawn.  Our stranded location was smack bang in the middle of the road and I didn't fancy being responsible for the damage our structure would cause an unsuspecting car hotfooting it round the corner when the road had cleared but our snowball was still intact!

The children are all inside now nice and warm watching a DVD together, enjoying hot chocolate and popcorn.  What a wonderful day!

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