Wednesday, 6 January 2010

It was so much fun we went out again!

After the children's friends had been collected by their Dad, we donned our wellies and headed out again. Walking through the Close to the back of the house we could hear the fun and very soon we were knee deep in the field with other families enjoying their day at home and making the most of sledging, snowballing and having fun.

It truly is a beautiful area and just spectacular in the snow. The lake next to it was previously frozen over and is now covered in a smooth layer of smush but still breathtaking all the same.

The snow was hard going for Sam.  Every ten minutes or so we had to stop, take his wellies off and empty them as the snow was so high on him it was going over the top.  The two pairs of socks we put on to keep his feet warm eventually surrendered and after an hour and a half we headed home - he did really well to keep going for that long.

But even though the children were starting to get wet, weary and cold, it still didn't dampen their enthusiasm to have fun.  On the way home they made faceprints in the snow and we caught snowflakes in our mouths.

However, the last little stretch home was just too much for Sam.  Completely wiped out and unable to take another step further he hitched a lift on Daddy's shoulders.

School is shut again tomorrow and I'm unsure whether the trains are running, so whether I get to stay home from work another day is a mystery.  I have accounts here to do when the kids are asleep.  Our children have two working parents and it's not often we have spontaneous days where we're thrown together and able to have so much fun.  In fact, it's not often that any family gets to spend a day like this.  I can imagine there were lots of Dads at home really enjoying an extra day with their kids and lots of Mums and wives who are usually working hard at home really cherishing the time too.  News reports are already forecasting what it costs the economy - but to young families a price can't be put on this kind of day.

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