Thursday, 28 January 2010

Firstfruits of faith

It goes without saying that I'm very proud of my children.  But yesterday when clearing up pieces of paper from the study I found a draft letter my 9 year old daughter had written.  When I read it, I must admit it was a strange feeling to be proud yet incredibly humbled at the same time.

Simple, but powerful.  Sometimes us adults need to be reminded.  This puts me in mind of Luke 6:35-38.

Dear REInspired

I am writing to thank you for a great afternoon at your church.

My favourite part was when I went into Julie's group and watching the Narnia clip because when Julie read out the statements she found on the website about victims of crime it really gave me the knowledge of how important forgiveness is.

I learnt that forgivness is very important because when someone has done something to hurt you although forgiving is hard we will get nowhere if we try to hurt them back. 

Yours sincerely


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Gretchen said...

Wise beyond her years...