Saturday, 31 May 2008

Silent Mischief

Migrated from last January.

Sam was quiet today. Too quiet. He was also nowhere to be seen. After a quick scoot around the house trying to locate the little tike, vocal location was required.

Karen: "Sam! Sam! Where are you?"
Sam: "I here Mummy!"
Karen: "Where are you Sam?"
Sam: "In de toilet".

Karen opens door to see Sam's hands down toilet.

Karen: "What are you doing with your hands down the loo Sam?" (Karen tries to be calm and slowly moseys on up to the loo to check there's no doo doos down there being handled).

Sam: "I washing meself".

Awww heck! My kid's just stuck his hands down the lav and 'cleaned' himself!

Sam: "I done me face, me tummy and me armybits, cos they're smelly".

Sam takes out another Kandoo from the box and demonstrates pit wiping, then stuffs it down the toilet.

There are times when you just can't tell them off!!

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