Saturday, 31 May 2008

The Things They Say

Again, another one posted last March. Sam was just three months short of his third birthday. Another of my in-car conversations with him.

Sam: Mummy, girls go to work.
Karen: Yes, they do Sam and so do boys.
Sam: No they don't.
Karen: Yes they do.
Sam: NO, THEY DON'T - they go to school.
Karen: Daddy doesn't go to school, he goes to work.
Sam: No he doesn't, he goes to school.

(Andy does the morning school run)

Karen: But Eleanor and Maddie don't go to work, they go to school too.
Sam: Yes, but they're little. Big girls go to work.
Karen: But Daddy's a big boy and he goes to work too.
Sam: No, he doesn't, he's big and Joshua's big and they both go to school.

This is the best bit.

Sam: And I'm little so I'm not allowed to go anywhere.

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