Saturday, 31 May 2008

The Things They Say


All kids come out with corkers, but Eleanor does it regularly, with the hands on hip attitude of somebody stating the absolutely blinding obvious - or so she thinks.

Today coming home on the motorway she told me that everytime I went past a lorry I scored lifepoints. She's been avidly watching Joshua and Madeleine's Yu-Gi-Oh episodes and often sits watching Phillip and Joshua play their cards so I can only assume it stems from that.

I got 58 lifepoints for going past a lorry, then I got another 51 points for going past another lorry. I got fewer points second time over because the first lorry was bigger.

Eleanor: Well done Mummy, you've gone past the lorry and you've scored 51 points.

Karen: Great! But why didn't I get 58 points like before?

Eleanor: Because the first one was bigger.

Karen: It was a bit of a whopper lorry wasn't it? (Whopper is a favourite word of hers).

Eleanor: (Very pragmatically and rolling her eyes). No Mummy, it was just 'bigger'.


Samuel, bless him, manages to goof words because he's only two. At the moment when I'm putting on my make-up he likes to put on his 'dipstick' too.


When Maddie went to the hotel recently for a manicure and lunch for her birthday Joshua told her to enjoy her 'pampicure'. I quite like that one and really do think it should be entered in the Oxford English Dictionary.

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