Monday, 11 August 2008

A Strange Taste In My Mouth

In the office today a colleague asked if I wanted to have a jar of champagne marmite - she bought it for her husband and he didn't like it. This resulted in me and another colleague using our plastic coffee stirrers to dip in and taste the new marmite concoction to give our verdicts. After mucking around pretending to be Jilly Gould, basking in the aromatic sensation of yeast extract and essence of Moet Chandon wafting through our nostrils from the glass smoked vessel we came to the conclusion it actually tasted quite good.

Then the conversation ensued as to whether I was going to try it on toast with jam - which is how I ALWAYS eat my Marmite. (Unless it's sandwiched in ryvita with slices of cucumber). When I tell people this, they balk at it and say it's gross - but then they admit they haven't actually tried it. I get the same reaction when I suggest that peanut butter on a digestive biscuit topped with a sliced banana is actually quite tasty too and drinking black coffee after eating an extra strong mint is a pleasant taste-bud sensation. And did you know, that if you bite the top off a banana and stick your finger in the top, it naturally splits three ways?

So, dare I mention here the times I've dipped breadsticks into chocolate spread, lavished lime marmalade over a ryvita, dipped cold sausages in apple sauce and eaten numerous bowls of cornflakes topped with cold Ambrosia rice pudding straight from the tin?

I love my little culinary idiosyncracies ... well they may not be conventional, I may not have a science lab kitchen like Heston Blumenthal, but I know what I like. Try some of them, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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TxGambit said...

Hmmm, interesting! I had to look some of those things up just so I would know what you are talking about. My grandmother does eat too many things like that. She has been Americanized! I don't think we get some of those things here (at least not easily), but if I get over there, I would gladly try it with you.