Friday, 15 August 2008

This Won't Make Sense To Anybody But Me

And this post is for me. I will share it, but I won't explain it.

I'm in one of my periods of deep thought and it gets complex and it's a part of me nobody reaches. Not because they can't, but because they haven't found out how. And I have my theory on that as well.


A footprint in concrete is captured forever. It's solid and unmouldable. It never moves, it never sways and it never changes and is an instant capture of one moment. It is constant, but can never be softened. It is harsh. But the dependency of it always being there affords it its placement.

A footprint in the sand is temporary and is gently washed away. The same foot can create another footprint, and although at first appearance it appears to be identical, it's slightly altered, but the comfort of creating it is as exciting as the first footprint. And the presence of the sand footprint, although infinitely and continually exposed to the inevitability of its own destruction, within its vulnerability, offers more perceived stability than the concrete one.

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