Sunday, 31 August 2008

Small Talk

Today we took the children shopping for school shoes. It's always daunting. Too many parents leaving it until the last minute and too much money being exchanged. Why do shoes for children cost so much!?

But the heavy mood was lightened as Samuel and Eleanor retreated into their wonderful little minds and, as befitting all small chilldren, totally forgot about social etiquette and just happily chattered away.

Sam's offering - singing quite loudly - 'I love my Mummy, 'cos she's got boobies'. Followed by infinite amounts of giggles.

Eleanor's offering - 'When I get married I'm going to have a big fat tummy for all my babies. I'm going to marry Euan.' When asked if she'd kissed Euan I was met with a disgusted nose wrinkling, 'Ewwww, no! I'm not kissing him! But I will snog him when I'm married. Married people snog. I know they do because you and Daddy do because you're married. You snog. All married people snog, that's what they do. So I'll snog Euan when I marry him.'

You might have gathered, she likes the word 'snog'.

So do I actually.


TxGambit said...

Too cute. Aren't kids the best!

I love the things they can come up with!

Gretchen said...

I think I may need to start using the word 'snog.'

My kids say they like me because I'm 'soft.'