Sunday, 25 January 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged recently on my Facebook page from a friend in America. I haven't got round to doing it on there yet, but thought it was a good place to start with a thread on here. So, here goes; 25 random things about me.

1. I'm 5'6" tall. With a Dad who's 6'2½" and a Mum who's only diddy at 5'2" I thought I'd be in the middle and hit 5'8". I've been done out of 2".

2. I love wearing high heels. All my friends know that!

3. I am a prolific reader - when I get the time - I'll read anything. But, I can not stand to be read to. Even as a child I would rather read alone at bedtime than having a story read to me.

4. I'm right handed but eat left handed.

5. I have a birth mark the shape, colour and size of a hen's egg at the middle of my left thigh.

6. I can touch-type.

7. I'm a good cook. A day of relaxation for me is an undisturbed day in the kitchen baking. Don't ask me to make you a cup of tea though as my tea is awful. I drink coffee.

8. The top of my right ear is folded over slightly where I lay on it in my Mum's womb.

9. I love listening to piano music. It's one instrument I'd love to learn to play.

10. There are three things that frighten me. Not girlie frighten, but REALLY frighten me. Dustbin lorries and refuse collectors, clowns and spiders. Dustbin men because as a child a refuse collector jokingly picked me up and pretended to throw me in the cart. My screams brought my Dad out of the garden and the scene was not pretty! I've been scared of them ever since and I shake when I'm near them. I can't walk past them without being scared out of my wits. Clowns are sinister and make me feel uncomfortable. Spiders are spiders - I'm a girl, no other explanation needed. Wierd thing is, I can happily pick up Daddy Long Legs though.

11. Any form of regurgitation makes me heave. I can't watch people on television eating if the camera is close up to their mouth. I can't watch people brushing their teeth and I can't watch nature programmes where birds feed their young. I even run the tap and close my eyes when spitting out toothpaste as it makes me gag. Footballers who spit on the pitch are vile.

12. I always put my lipstick on before brushing my teeth, then reapply it.

13. I wanted to join the CID when I was young, but was too young to join Hendon, so stayed on and did A'levels instead. I'm not sure why I didn't join after doing them. I still regret not working through and getting my degree so I could do it.

14. I have four children. I wanted more than two and couldn't stop at three because three didn't feel right. I am the youngest of three and it didn't work.

15. I believe in God. I can't accept that the world around us was caused by a chemical reaction. I have a friend who is a staunch Darwinist - there have been many a night where me and him have debated the whole issue into the early hours.

16. My favourite novel is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronté. I've never read a story so haunting and captivating. I love it.

17. I'm a neat freak. Everything has to be tidy - even the larder - with four children I daily lose the battle and it drives me nuts. I can't cope with clutter.

18. My favourite colour is purple.

19. I love facial scars and imperfections on men. Lines are good too. Pretty boys need to stay home with Mummy.

20. I have blue fairy lights around my pc screen. I love fairy lights.

21. I enjoy ironing. I find it therapeutic.

22. I'm a tecchno-numpty. Half the gadgets I've got I can't use properly.

23. I started smoking when I was 11. I smoked on and off throughout my teens and gave up when I was 19 after having my fourth bout of bronchitis. With an auntie and grandparent both dying of oesophagus cancer and having a Mum who had pleuracy a lot, it dawned on me that I was probably signing my early death warrant. I have a weak chest anyway and suffer frequent bouts of costal chondritis.

24. My eyes appear different colours at times, sometimes they're blue, other times green, other times grey.

25. I like things that a lot of women would like to admit to liking, but don't, for fear of criticism.

Oh blow it, I've got a lot to say. Here's a few more!

26. I can't breath properly through my nose.

27. I like doing logic problems.

28. My biggest dislike of people is those who have to have an audience to humiliate somebody. In my opinion, that's the lowest you can go.

29. Penguins make me laugh.

30. I have no sense of direction. I can't understand GPS, have no idea how to read a map and don't understand road layouts, - I'm totally useless. I have enough of a job finding somewhere, but having to get back doing it backwards is beyond me - it's a long standing joke with my friends.

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Michelle said...

Brilliant......too many things to comment on but will just say i loved it and found out some things i didn't know!