Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Study Has To Wait

Because, woop de woop, my lounge is finally getting done!!!

After waiting years, and I do mean years the ceiling has been assessed and the insurance company have agreed to have it replaced. The stipple's going and I'm having it replaced with a flat finish. They've also agreed to replace the carpet due to the water damage from the bathroom leak, so today I visited some stores and had costed an oak laminate floor - they're coming to measure next weekend. The builder has already been round to see the ceiling and I'm just waiting on the quote.

I've also paid for and ordered in the 12 rolls of wallpaper for the walls. I'm done with flat finish painted walls - I like detail. All I need to do now is to find some light fittings in a gold finished crystal chandelier effect and large slatted wooden blinds for the front window. I'll be putting floating oak shelves around the walls and finishing off the room with a large rug to soften the harshness of the wood.

Should look nice when it's done.

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