Monday, 19 January 2009


Joshua kills me, he really does. Today when I got home from work he presented a note to me that he wanted permission to hand to Eleanor. It was effectively a long winded IOU with a bill for replacement for the toys of his she'd destroyed, lost or misplaced. I'll try to scan it, as it's hilarious.

But as ever, with my children, if they want to challenge each other over things, they have to realise that everything has a consequence as well as a result. So, to counter the monetary demand for vandalising his toys I pointed out to him that on numerous occasions I had found his PS2 games carelessly strewn around his bedroom out of their cases. Replacement for such items retailing at about £30 each, but I'd relent and only charge him £20 replacement as they were bound to be damaged. To date with the four I picked up yesterday this has put him in £80 deficit. He only charged Eleanor £35.

He's gone off to think about it.

Reminds me of the day he challenged me to go a week without Facebook. So I challenged him to go a week eating his vegetables without moaning.

Game, set and match to me.

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