Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Out Of The Mouths ....

My conversation with Sam in the car this morning.

Sam: Ooh Mummy, there's a lady on a horse over there.
Me: So there is, we'll have to drive slowly past them, so we don't frighten the horse.
Sam: OK Mummy. Errr, Mummy, where do horses come from?

Oh no - THAT conversation.

Me: They come from their Mummy horses tummy Sam.
Sam: Oh. I KNOW THAT!! But how do they get in there?

Ooooh NOOO!!!!.

Me: Well, they just grow. Like you grew in my tummy.
Sam: So where did the Mummy horse come from?


Me: Errrr, from their Mummy too.
Sam: Oh Mummy, you just don't know where they come from do you? I'll tell you. Horses come from the factory and cows come from the cow shop.

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