Friday, 23 January 2009

When You Think Mum's Not Looking

I don't do mornings. I'm quite happy to stay up through the night into the morning, but not so good at getting up in the mornings. That's why I like to get everything ready the night before; lay out school uniforms, line up school bags and set the table for breakfast before I go to bed.

I have to have it this way or else the children would never get dressed in time or have anything to eat for breakfast. Joshua's in charge during breakfast time as when they're eating I'm usually in the shower. But when they've finished and I'm fresh and ready for the day I kick in to gear and set about clearing up before we leave for school. It's a pet hate of mine to leave dirty dishes by the sink for hours on end and I don't react well to coming home to it a few hours later.

So, a certain little boy thought he'd save on the washing up this morning as he knew I'd put the dishes away. Obviously still feeling a little peckish he thought he'd help himself to a second helping. This was after he'd sneaked off into the larder, grabbed his supplies and hid round the corner.

Then he offered his sister some and there they stood, with Sam telling Eleanor to eat what was left in the packet, while he'd be happy with what was in the box.

Then he noticed I'd been watching him. One look at that little face and I didn't have the heart to tell him off. Little punk.

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