Thursday, 16 April 2009

Car Snooker

Heading down the M4 to get to Jubilee Church on time for the kids event Pyramid Rock, we decided to make use of the rush hour traffic to our advantage and embarked on our favourite travelling game.

It's a simple game that even the youngest members of the family can join in with. All you have to do is remember the order that snooker balls are potted and find cars in that order.

Find 7 red cars in a row, then 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 brown, 1 blue, 1 pink and 1 black.

Sometimes when the elusive colours are nowhere to be seen, I relent and let them find a lorry with a cab that particular colour or maybe a trailer or something similar. Usually we get stuck on pink, but today we got through two rounds - our best result ever.

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