Monday, 27 April 2009

The Simplicity of a Child's Expectation

I'm still thinking. I'm not actually thinking of anything profound or mind-blowing. Just rather contemplating how I'm going to write it, as I don't want to offend people. But in that, I want to be honest.

But, never mind that. My post for today is centred around a very simple statement Eleanor said this morning. She's now getting rather irate at Samuel's daily routine of waking up early and trotting into her bedroom to wake her up so they can either play together or watch television.

Sam likes company. He's not a child who likes to be on his own and Eleanor's his best friend in the entire world. He adores her, and similarly she adores him. But not at 5.45 each morning! She's now getting grotty each day when it's time for breakfast, becoming an incessant moaner when asked to wear a pair of socks she doesn't like, whinging on when she has to have her hair brushed, etc. etc. And while this tests my patience to the limit, as I'm also a crabby old wench in the mornings, I do sympathise with the fact that she's still tired and needs extra sleep.

So, this morning while she was wailing on, I'm ashamed to say I snapped at her and ranted, "Just what exactly do you expect me to do about it Eleanor? I can't stand guard at your door and stop him coming in, when I'm asleep too!"

Her answer was plain and put me to shame. She didn't look for obstacles and explanations. She didn't put things in the way and lay blame somewhere else. She simply stated, "If you can't do it, ask God to".

Point taken. I popped her on my knee and putting her little hands together we prayed a little prayer that a certain little somebody would sleep in tomorrow morning, just for a little bit longer. And we've made a pact that we'll repeat that little prayer sitting on my bed, her perched on my knee, until he does.

It's the first time she's prayed with me. It was a small prayer, but special. For a few moments, she shared my faith. To me that's huge.

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