Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I have two friends who I consider the most valuable women on this planet. They've both listened to me rant on all day, going over and over the same old stuff. The good thing about e-mail is that they can't stuff a hankie in my mouth and muzzle me when I'm off on one. And having the ability to type 80+ wpm means they get my e-mails whammed at them like an Inter City express train!

But it's great when your friends love you and support you when you're being a bit of a snarky old bat. And it's equally great when they lovingly tell you in a diplomatic way to let it go, because really you're being daft and over-sensitive.

I feel better already.

But I'm still praying for my answer. Actually, maybe if I stopped snarking and ranting and listened a while, I might hear it.


Michelle said...

I might be presuming here but if i am one of those then that is what i am here for!!!

And like i said to you earlier i am the first one to start ranting and raving when i get going, so you carry on if it makes you feel better by letting it all out. Does not do you any good to keep it all in.

But confront it or let it go, keep praying and listening and you will find the answer and the right thing to do.

TxGambit said...

You have to have a great support system. Glad you have it! Hugs.