Friday, 1 May 2009

By Her Childlike Faith She Moved a Mountain!!

Eleanor is totally stonked that her little prayers were answered. It only took two days and in my limited wisdom, I know that God decided two days was long enough for a five year old to wait for results!

The first morning we prayed together, Sam stood by the door and cheekily said, 'It won't work, I'll get up early again'. Rather annoyed at seeing the dark one at work in my three year old I positively told Eleanor it wouldn't be the case and that I was sure he would sleep in. At this point I was praying a bit harder than she was!! The next morning there was a 20 minute delay in his efforts - he slept in. But for Eleanor, it wasn't long enough, so again, as promised, we prayed he'd sleep a lot longer the next morning.

It worked!

Sam has now found out that even a determined three year old can not break through the prayers of a five year old elder sibling.

And to aid the continuation of this, we've introduced a sticker chart for Sam. Five smiley faces in a row (one for each night he stays in bed and doesn't wake his sister in the morning), he gets a small prize. Fill the whole chart up (20 sleeps), he gets a big prize.

I know the result is due to Eleanor's prayers being answered, but I don't think God minds too much that we've also enhanced His work with a little love induced bribery!

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