Thursday, 7 May 2009

Them Things That Irk

There's not much that irks me these days. I might have a little nag and moan at the other half now and then and bug the children to clear up their mess, but other than that I'm pretty mellow.

Apart from these.

1. The proliferation of newsletters from school. I have three children in the same school. I don't need three copies of the same letter. In fact, I don't need paper copies at all. Why oh why can't they transfer to e-mail all those parents opting to be on a distrubution list and send all attachments that way too? It's not difficult to set up newsletters as .pdf docs and e-mail them to a suppressed list - is it? And permission forms can be attached as standard word docs that can be input and mailed back - can't they?

2. Permission forms. Am I just being picky or does it appear now that schools have to have parental permission for just about every single thing a child does on its premises? My latest beef - my children have to have a signed note from me saying they have permission to use their swimming goggles during lessons. WHY??!!!!!!

3. Photography and video restriction. Now I may open up a can of worms here, but I have a fairly straightforward view on this. When my child is in a school production on stage for all to see, they're in the public domain. If I want to take pictures of MY child I shall. If other parents don't want their child photographed - DON'T PUT THEM UP THERE!!!! I'm not going to zoom in on my child just because your little cherub is two feet away from them and ruining my shot!

Over and out.

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