Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Maddie's Dreams

I don't talk a lot about Maddie on here. Probably because she's the quietest of my four children and tends to go about her business with minimal fuss. Unless she's having a monumental strop, in which case that all changes and she turns into a one woman Kevin and Perry show.

She also has the driest sense of humour and often can't understand why me and her Dad are crying with laughter at something she's said, as she's so serious when she says it. She has a wonderful knack of coming out with ripping one liners without realising just how funny she can be.

Her writing reflects this and when I'm clearing up I find numerous scraps of paper around with her thoughts written on and sometimes they make me sad because she's written about something that's upset her, but other times I have to wipe the tears from my face as I'm laughing so hard.

But lately, she's been having dreams. In her own words, 'the most wonderful dreams', and she's been writing them down. The latest one has made me smile because I just love her imagination. Her dream last night wasn't so vivid, but it was lovely what she wrote. I'm reproducing it here, exactly as it is written. HSA stands for Hamster Secret Agency. For information purposes her hamster is called Humphrey.

HSA Night 1

Humphrey my hamster is an agent! Part of the HSA. He went to his blue house and pushed a bit of his food and lots of computers appeared in the plastic wall. He entered his code name, Humper Dumper. He fell through a trap door and as he fell it washed brush and groomed his fur. He fell into a rocket can and he shot off. He arrived at HQ and got told to defeat the rats he went off to the sewers in his rocket can.

HSA Night 2

Humphrey completed the mission. I don't know how but it was to good for words.

The End


I (Humphrey) was in a prison. My freinds were in prison. I was in prison because I had powers and my freinds were in prison because their parents had lied to the police and said they had done a crime. We lived under hard manners until one night we were so fed up, that we made an escape plan in the tiny model desert Imade with sand by drawing in the sand with our fingers. as we slept I came up with an idea.

I couldn't fly but I could throw well. The next night we gathered all we needed and hid it all under my huge bed. We worked hard so we got the priviledge to sleep with our cages unlocked. So that night we got out the stuff from under my bed and snuck off to the kitchin. We put the rope into place. We got our coat hangers and hooed them onto the rope and slid down. When we were all down it was nearly morning. "Quick we've got to get to Palace Mana". I said we got to the river I used my Environmental powers to make a raft with tress. We jumped onto the raft and used a long log to push us along. When we got to the other bank I quikly put the trees back into place with my powers. We ran to the big willow tree and climbed into the hole which only me and anyone good who's with me can go into. Once inside we stood in a circle and closed our eyes. When we stepped out we were in a open feild with a single tree. I ran to the willow tree in the middle of the feild and my freinds followed. We went to the trunk and there was nothing in the trunk or on it. I closed my eyes and told my freinds to to. When I told my freinds to open their eyes along with me the willow was lined with a door shape. I pushed the door shape open and went in and my freinds followed. Inside it as like a palace. "Thats why called Palace Mana!" said Sarah. And we lived there in secret until the end of our days. The end of my dream Escape.

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