Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Mental Mathematician

Joshua never fails to make me smile. This is the child who two years ago was placed on the Gifted and Talented Register for his mathematical abilities. (The use and point of such register I'm still waiting for school to enlighten me on!) The child who could play banker without the use of a calculator during long games of monopoly at the age of 7.

The child who today told me he was nervous about his maths test. This maths test being the sort where the use of calculators is permitted. Is this boy so used to using his brain that a calculator is an unwelcome obstacle? Wow wee!

The child who this week brought home a form for a local secondary school's Annual Master Class for 'particularly able mathematicians'. A day being 'taught challenging mathematics that is not part of the national curriculum'. Yikes!!

The child who for over a year now has been pulled out of his maths lessons to work on papers 2-3 years ahead of him.

And he worries that he won't pass a test using a calculator.

Gotta love his modesty.

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