Friday, 8 May 2009

When Your Cup Overfloweth

One for the ladies methinks.

I should think so too!!! Good grief.!! M&S putting £2.00 on the cost of a larger bra - well, that's nothing short of boob tax! Why should ladies pay more just because they are more endowed than others? Do we see Top Man increasing the price of men's pants just because some of them have bigger bottoms than others? Absolutely not!

And what's more alarming is the recent promise to extend a 25% discount on all bras until 25 May. But is the discount only limited to the DD and above range? No, it's not. All the ladies with the little perty racks smaller than this are going to benefit from the efforts of their melon-chested sisters.

I sympathise with both camps. During my life I have sat both sides of the fence, both pre and post surgery. I can empathise with the mammary madness of this world.

Emmeline Pankhurst would turn in her grave if she knew women were being treated like this and I'm sure had she been around in the 1960s she'd have waved her bra above the fire and set it alight along with the rest of them.

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