Tuesday, 14 April 2009


After last night's discussion, Joshua went to sleep with ideas of culinary expertise at his fingertips, no doubt dreaming of the day he's awarded his first Michelin star.

This morning he woke up and told me in the car that he had to rethink his dish. At this point I was kind of hoping he'd realise that the brown sauce element might not work, which he did, only to replace it with worcester sauce. I liked his thinking as I don't have any HP in the house so it's one less item on the shopping list.

But his tweak to the menu was to ask me to buy some garnish, because in his own words, 'If I'm going to be taken seriously as a chef my food needs to look right. There's no point me cooking a dinner if it look a mess. Presentation is as important as the eating'.

He just gets better.

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