Thursday, 12 March 2009

A Tax Too Far

Forget global warming.

I don't even care if fuel prices double again.

I can cope with the soul destroying credit crunch.

I can even forego a pair of shoes.

Actually, no, I can't.

But a tax on chocolate!!!

That's just cruel.

I may be gone a while - I feel a warlike effort to stock up on cocoa based essentials overcoming me.


margaret (the misanthrope) said...

What the - I don't check in for a day and you've posted lots of things!! I have some catching up to do :-)

A tax on chocolate? Isn't that a violation of the Geneva Convention? If not, it should be...

Karen said...

Or even the Geneva Confection!!! Sorry, that was bad! What's worse is that it's a Scottish GP suggesting it - the land that deep fries its Mars Bars - ironic huh?

chocoholic said...

Let's march in protest this can not happen....we need banners and noisey things and a good pair of shoes for all that walking.....I am going to stock up,i'll break into my savings!!!! this is a crime we must not let this happen.