Monday, 30 March 2009

The Food Chain According to Sam

Last week I randomly decided to book today off work. It's not something I usually do as all my leave is earmarked for school holidays.

But boy! I'm glad I booked the day off. After spending Thursday and Friday laid up AGAIN with this mystery virus and then spending the weekend carrying out long awaited plans, all hoping I wouldn't crash again, I'm finding spending a day at home all the more deserved.

The sun's out, the day is beautiful and Sam's happily playing with his toy guns (yes, I do let him play with toy guns). The study has been cleared and hoovered, some minor shopping has been completed and it's soon lunchtime.

Talking of food, the reason for my post.

In the car this morning (you'll learn over time that a lot of conversations with my children happen in the car), Sam asked where food came from. The exchange was short but another of those gems of childhood wisdom I just had to capture. After explaining how food grows in this country and how it also grows in other countries he concluded that it was all far more simple than that.

"Some food grows in the mud. Some food comes from animals. But no food we eat comes from elephants."

Sometimes it's just easier to smile, nod and carry on driving.

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margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Heeheehee! Fabulous. Such unassailable logic!! Hope your Monday is going well!