Monday, 30 March 2009

The Trouble With My Eggs

My friend Michelle very stupidly, err, I mean kindly looked after the children on Saturday while Andy and I went about the business of sorting out new mobile phones, picking up furniture from IKEA, booking carpet salesmen to come and visit the house........ No mean task when there's four of them munching their way through your larder!

But not only is Michelle a fantastic friend who's supported me and my husband through our separation and subsequent reconciliation, she has also usurped me on the egg cooking front. Not only are her dippy eggs better than mine, according to Eleanor, but Madeleine has now declared my fried eggs aren't up to scratch either as Michelle's are 'fluffier'.

So, if anyone knows how to 'fluff up' a fried egg. Please let me know. Cheers!


margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Hee...I am no help here, I don't like eggs at all (ick! yuk!). Michelle sounds like a fabulous friendly though :-) All the best to you!

Michelle said...

He, he!! Fluffy eggs, i have not got a clue what they are!! I asked Maddie what she meant by fluffy, but she did not know. But after her mammoth session of 3 of them i am not sure she will be ready for anyones fried egg in a hurry......fluffy or not!!

I take this egg business from your children as a massive compliment as i am a rubbish cook and was not taught by my mother as a child and have had to teach myself. Also, if you recall when you and the children stayed over after my party i had to ask you how long i boil the eggs for to make them dippy!!! So, you were my teacher of the great dippy eggs!