Sunday, 15 February 2009

I Knew I Wouldn't Manage It

Try as I might to relax, I went upstairs, looked in their bedrooms and the thought of walking away leaving them looking like squatters had moved in was too much for me.

TWO FLIPPIN' HOURS!!! Just to clear two small bedrooms.

3 pairs of boxer shorts stuffed under Sam's bed, 2 tops screwed up in the corner, folded up school trousers under the chest of drawers gathering dust, I suppose I have to be thankful they were folded. Two pairs of Joshua's pyjamas stuffed in the corner of the bed. Numerous teddies piled up on Sam's bed half dressed, pieces of games strewn around the room and flippin' BB gun bullets getting stuck inbetween my toes as I try to tiptoe through the rubbish ... ad nauseum.

And that was just the boys.

I'm not even going there with the girls, apart from to say that Madeleine took over 30 minutes to fold up all the clothes on the floor that were presented to her in the mass knot I found them in rammed in the corner of her room.

I really envy people with tidy children.

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