Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Sweet Valentine

Remember this?

Today he reminded me that he needed supplies for a card and a gift for her. So, my lunchtime was spent browsing the shelves of the local art shop, sourcing pink foiled chocolate hearts from M&S and earrings from Claire's - the haven of all things girlie.

He spent an hour tonight with me making his card, wrapping his presents, tying bows, making a gift tag and choosing bags and boxes to present it all in.

His plan: To have me drive to her house Saturday morning, for him to leave the package on her doorstep, ring the bell and run like mad to the car for us to make a quick getaway so he isn't seen!

I've never had a man go to all that effort for me. I always pretended I didn't like Valentine's because every man I went out with said it was a waste of time - but I secretly wanted them to make a big deal.

So, I'm glad Joshua's into it and I'm glad at the tender age of 9 he considers a young lady worth all the effort. I hope he stays like it.

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