Wednesday, 4 February 2009


She's doesn't always get it right, but she doesn't deserve what she's going through. 27 years old and facing death from a disease that has beaten medics the world over.

But it's given me the jolt I need. I've put off having the tests done for three years now - I think I might make a call in the morning.


Michelle said...

It was one of the main topics on This Morning today and i must admit to receiving the letter for a smear test and have put in my bag and done nothing about it. But after hearing about Jade and watching that this morning, it has made me realise that, ok i absolutely hate having the test done but compared to what she is going through, is it really that bad, i think not.

Karen said...

That's just it. I've had three reminders and the final one to say that they're not calling me for five years - bit irresponsible of me. Stupid thing is, didn't mind giving birth, but hate having that thing shoved up me - bloody hurts!!

Anonymous said...

Watching someone Die of the BIG "C" is one of the hardest things a child can go through. i been through it with my Mum and i believe very women should go for the regular test to ensure their children dont have to see the pain and feel the helplessness that this desease brings