Saturday, 28 February 2009


Happy Birthday!!

I know this is a day late. But my excuse is that I was round yours last night spending your birthday with you, so couldn't get here to do this!

Also, you don't really look 46 like Eleanor suggested - ha ha!!!

Thanks for the spuds and mousse - the former's in the fridge, the latter's in me :0)

You know what I was saying this morning about choosing friends? I'm glad you're one of mine and I proved it by going through with the act of actually wrapping up that giant galaxy bar. You don't know how hard it was handing that over!


1 comment:

Michelle said... eh??? Was funny though and feel quite lucky that is all she thought i was, could have been much worse!!

Aaaah....friendship is wrapping up a galaxy bar for your friend despite wanting to scoff the lot yourself, he, he!!! I am one lucky girl.