Monday, 9 February 2009


I REALLY like the handbag too.

And I bought Joshua some trainer boots today that he doesn't like and I need to refund them. The mother in me says to buy him another pair.

The diva in me says stuff that, use the money for the handbag!!!!!!!


Michelle said...

I would be wreckless and go with the Diva if i were you.

The thought was there with Joshua and he doesn't like them!

We all deserve to think of ourselves first......just once in a while, it's what keeps us going!!

Also, by the time you decide to go and get the handbag they may have no more left!!!! Disaster with a capital D. LOL

Karen said...

You have a point there - Andy even thought Joshua was nuts not liking the boots I bought him - they were top trendy! Andy suggested buying the handbag for myself - but there is another pair of shoes in the same pattern with a closed heel - another dilemma - another big capital D - oh bum!!