Monday, 16 June 2008

Father's Day

Yesterday was a pleasant day. It started with Andy opening up his presents from the kiddlystinks. We don't go big on these days as they're really a commercial money spinner, but the children wanted to do it and it is kind of nice to have a special day for Daddies.

It was a sunny hot day and my parents came over too so there were two Daddies to spoil. After opening presents of beer, whiskey, CDs, DVDs, books and chocolate we sat down to a full on roast - lamb, potatoes, parsnips, sage and onion stuffing, yorkshire puddings, carrots, fried courgettes, broccoli and gravy.

Then we went to the allotment to move over some wooden palettes and fencing panels ready for making up the raised beds, sighed at the overwhelming task ahead, then headed back to the garden for a spot of weeding.

The kiddlystinks emptied the playhouse. I now understand why they can't move in it - where oh where did all the crap come from!!??

My mission tonight is to clear the playhouse of unnecessary excessive toys, then to cook dinner of tandoori chicken, sag aloo, salad and raita.

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