Friday, 27 June 2008

Signs of Summer

The sun is out at last. The children are in summer school uniforms. The first strawberries have been picked and Wimbledon's started. Could this be the start of Summer?

Maddie and Eleanor with the first strawberries from the crop

Samuel's found the biggest one!

The apples on Joshua's miniature tree are cropping

The roses are in bloom

Take four terracotta pots. Seal them. Paint them.

Four little pots all in a row

The back of Maddie's pot

The front of Maddie's pot

Eleanor's pot

Samuel's pot

My pot

We were going to grow herbs from seeds in them, but I think I've left it a little late this year, so I might head down the garden centre and buy the plants and pot them in. And that reminds me, the tumbler tomatoes are going into their large pots over the weekend too.

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