Sunday, 29 June 2008

The Weedy Wonderland (aka The Allotment)

250sq m of weed infested land waiting to be dug over, prepared and planted. The work ahead is long, arduous and back-breaking!

wooden pallettes in the corner ready to build compost bin and manure area

top left corner - if you look close enough you'll see the onion and potato patches
the rhubarb's in there somewhere too!

view from the bottom looking up
bottom half covered in old carpet to suppress weeds

looking through the onions at the beetroot
cabbages, lettuces and leeks behind


start of the fruit area
two raspberry bushes and one blackcurrant have established

the potato patch
Michaela weeding

sturon onions

not my shed but one two rows down
made entirely of doors
in my opinion, the best shed on the allotment!

I'm hoping by this time next year it will all be cleared and full of crops. I met a new tenant yesterday who has taken over the plot on the left, so now I have neighbours on both sides which is nice as it means they'll keep their plots cleared too and then weeds will be kept down. It will also give me the incentive to put more work in down at mine as they'll put me to shame otherwise!!

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