Friday, 6 June 2008

Will I Stay Or Will I Go?

I have a habit. I have a baaaddd habit.

I start blogs. I get enthusiastic for a few weeks. I slack off. I get bored of the blog.

I start a new blog. Then I get bored again.

This is my third blog. I'm really hoping I can stick to this one.

Why do I do it? It's my nature. I'm one of life's flitters. I can't settle to one hobby or past-time and I am constantly on the search for new and exciting ventures. I enter into them 110% then run out of steam before the passion holds me. But I've always been like it. I can't remember having a hobby that has held my interest for years on end. I've had many, many hobbies and I still dabble in them from time to time. My life is like an artist's canvas. There's always a blank space to fill and it needs to be different to the space next to it. Not glaringly dissimilar, but maybe differing shades. Variations on the same theme.

So, you ask yourself. What DOES she do? Well, aside from being a full time working mother of four young children I like 'doing'. I knit, sew, bake, grow veg, scrapbook, make cards and decorate. I'd love to have the time to sit home during the day doing these hobbies, but with the full-time job I'm limited.

I'm hoping to share a little of who I am and what I do over the course of this blog. Please be patient with me if I have periods of absence. It's not that I've forgotten you, it's more that I've forgotten ME and have taken a little downtime to catch up on things with the house and family.

So, Will I Stay or Will I Go?

I think I'll stay.

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Tree said...

I hope you stay!!