Friday, 6 June 2008

The Price of Bread

There's been a lot of contraversy in the news regarding the consistent escalation of food prices, not just in the UK but globally. With fuel costs rising due to the persistent scaremongering of oil providers pushing up the prices through sheer speculation, the cost of food transportation has now knocked on and pushed the cost of food up. Resulting in the dilemma of whether to eat wisely and well, or buy cheap rubbish.

My choice? To eat wisely and well. Yeah, sure, I can put cheap bread in my shopping trolley. I can put in value ham and plain biscuits. Heck, I can even get 2 chickens for a fiver. But what's in it for me? There's certainly not much taste, not much substance and certainly no health benefits. I'm becoming increasingly picky about what gets scanned at the check-out and quality is not being compromised in my larder. Yes, I buy less, but you know, because I pay more for the stuff, I'm more creative with what I do with it. I think more about my meals. I plan ahead.

But, on the odd occasion I am impulsive. Like this lunchtime. Taking a trip to the bank to get some cash out for my veggie order I found the French Market were in town. Stalls buckling under the weight of smelly ripe cheeses, walls of speciality breads building a wall around the vendor, catherine wheel displays of flavoured nougat, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio... Wicker baskets of honey roasted nuts, scoops of herbs, cinnamon sticks of cigar proportions.

I'm afraid the haze of wonderment of it all overtook me and I indulged. In my bag is one *very* expensive piece of chocolate nougat, which will be deftly divided into six slithers for us all to share tonight, one walnut and raisin loaf and one onion foccacia loaf. It's just a shame there wasn't enough money in my purse to stretch to a wedge of one of the cheeses.

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