Monday, 16 June 2008

The laundrette

Gretchen posted recently about her laundry achievement.

Spookily enough, I did the very same thing on Friday whilst home nursing a damaged toe tendon.

Only, I realise now why I let the ironing pile up. You see, when I've done all the laundry, hung, dried, ironed and put away, I find out I don't actually have enough storage space for all the clothes.

I've rammed stuff in drawers so hard I fear I may never open them again.

'Ah, but why oh why do you have all those clothes Karen, if you can't store them?' I hear you ask.

Because most of them have been given to me by friends and bought for the children by family members and as a huge fan of recycling and reusing I just can't say no - especially as I need such vast quantities to take on camping trips as I refuse to use the communal washing machines - one never know what nasties are lurking in the drums!

I think I should just be a slob and let it pile up. But I can't. The type A in me makes me face up tins in my larder - let the laundry pile up - oh no, I couldn't cope with that. Maybe I should live by my mantra and sort them out too and pass a few on to the charity shop.

But then I'm going camping again in July, so maybe I'll just carry on squishing them in.

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