Monday, 16 June 2008


We've been infested - with nits and head lice.


I can not recall a weekend so far where I've spent so much time combing tea-tree conditioning treatment through so much hair. The kiddlystinks have been scratching for weeks.

Maddie's hair is brittle so I found the gentlest treatment I could find that had natural herb extracts that wouldn't leave her with bald patches like she got when she was 3 and I last treated her hair. Poor thing ended up having her hair cropped short like a pixie as it was so damaged.

She had loads of them.

Eleanor had even more.

Sam's head is a grade 4 - no probs there.

Joshua's hair was long - cool dude trendy long.

Not anymore - he got a grade 5 on Saturday morning as I just couldn't face the thought of coming more creepies out.

Then I scratched.

Andy treated me.

Andy's not scratching - there's more bald than hair.

Now we're not scratching anymore.

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