Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Seeing Life Through Both Eyes

We've received good news from the hospital this week. After 3 years of patching her right eye every day for six hours, Eleanor is allowed to go patch free.

It's not permament. Over the last three visits to Orthoptics, there has been no noticeable improvement in her level of vision, so now, over the next three visits she's being monitored to see whether her eyes have now stabilised or whether they'll decline.

Please pray for a consistent test each time. If her eyes fail, she'll have to patch again. I don't think she'll cope with it as she was getting very upset with it for the last couple of months. She's beyond ecstatic now at not having to wear them.

Just the glasses now!

She's done this since she was 23 months old so it's time she had a break. I don't want all her childhood memories to be of patches and seeing life through one eye. Plus she's a beautiful little girl with just the most adorable face and it's better with both eyes on view.

A rare picture without them on.

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