Monday, 23 June 2008

The Toil Continues

The potatoes are flowering.

The cabbages and lettuces are ready for harvesting.

The beetroot and carrots are growing.

I can smell the onions through the ground when I weed around them.

The leeks stand like soldiers on parade.

I found another raspberry cane just shooting through when the path edge was cleared. I'm going to move it to the fruit row next week. That's four raspberry bushes through and one blackcurrant.

The rhubarb hasn't come up yet... patience ... patience. Even when it comes up next year I can't pick it- must remember not to harvest the first year of rhubarb.

The weeds are taking over the rest of the plot. The thistles are being choked by the bindweed. The bindweed is drowning in the stinging nettles.

Seven wheelbarrows full of weeds to the skip. I can't compost them down as they're all perennial.

Three happy children riding in the wheelbarrow coming back to the plot from the skip. Bumpety bumpety bump, squeals of laughter.

And what did I get for my efforts?

A sunburn strip right on the base of my back where the trousers rode down and the T-shirt rode up. Plus welts from stinging nettles and lacerations from the thistles!

It's a good job I like this gardening lark.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

What you got for your efforts was a fun time with the family and that is what it is all about!